Do you read what you love? Or do you read what’s recommended for your age?

I’ve been thinking about this subject for a while now and I still can’t find a reason why people have the need to be so judgemental. I mean, people are always judgemental, but books aren’t something to be mean for. I read a lot of comments on bookstagram from people who judge others for reading YA books (or children books) just because they think it is inappropriate or foolish for their age. And I also heard many people (among them, some of my colleagues from high school) wondering how can someone read this kind of books. And I’m like:

I read what I want, whenever I want! I can’t believe some people think I should be ashamed for what I decide to read. I’m still a teenager and believe it or not, I received many stingy comments from people. For instance, one day I had a conversation with my colleagues and I said that I want to read the Harry Potter series this year and one of them told me that I shouldn’t do it because these books are meant for kids (and I’m not a kid anymore *eye roll*). I can’t imagine what reactions I would have gotten if I had been older. Which is more, I sometimes get funny looks from people when I tell them I read fantasy books (with mermaids, dragons, werewolves, etc.) or romance novels. Maybe sometimes I have different opinions too, but that doesn’t mean I go and judge others for not thinking the same as me.

The truth is these people disgust me and I will never take their opinions into consideration. I try not to be offended when I hear them talking, but they make me so angry. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to contain myself and not start a long discussion about how they should mind their own business and not judge others for reading what they love.

I will always read books with love stories or books about fictional worlds simply because I like them. I adore to read a book and be absorbed into its fascinating world. I feel good, relaxed, complete. I also like to read classics or books that approach heavier subjects, some of them maybe too hard to understand for a teenager. Because, like I already said, it’s my choice and my right to read what I want. And I know for sure that every bookworm thinks the same as me.

What do you think about this topic? Have you ever been judged because of what you read?



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