For a very long time, my biggest accomplishments had nothing to do with what I really wanted. When I decided to give up my mother’s dream and fight for my own, I never imagined choosing one dream could put me on the path of the one I never knew I wanted – meeting him. Collin. He quickly went from a friend to a companion, to soul mate, to heartbreak.

After he left Chicago, leaving me with nothing more than a text message, I only had one sane choice – to act like he never existed and go on with my life. A ghost can’t break your heart.

But now he’s back and he’s prepared to prove me otherwise. Is it possible to love someone against your will?

RATING| ✩✩✩✩✩

♡ ♡  ♡ My thoughts ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Holy Moly. That’s all I can think really, because my thoughts are a blubbering mess. I have awaited this sequel for a few months and now that I’ve finally had time to read it, I can assure you that Love Me While I’m Gone does not disappoint. I absolutely loved the first book in the series, Our Demons Best Friends and I knew I would love the sequel as well. And it was better than I had expected

The second book is all about Emily and Collin’s story and I have to say I love the fact that Diana decided to continue the series by writing a book for each one of Ava’s friends. I really liked Emily and Collin in the first novel so I’m glad we get to read more about them. Just like with Ava and Sebastian, their love story is beautiful and very swoon worthy

Collin’s sudden departure leaves Emily with a broken heart and hundreds of unanswered questions. Just when they are finally admitting their feelings for each other, he has to leave and help his childhood friend, Sebastian, cope with the pain he is going through after his girlfriend’s death. But Emily doesn’t know the real reason behind this very unexpected turn of events. After two years of trying to forget him, Collin returns in her life and wants to win her back, at any cost. However, regaining Emily’s trust and friendship isn’t something very easy, especially when the girl does everything she can to make it even more difficult.

I loved every moment between Emily and Collin, even if 99% of the time they annoyed the crap out of me (especially Emily). Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but every time they let stubbornness rule in their relationship and messed up every occasion they had to be together, I was like:

Even though I guess this means the author did her job very well, because I lived, laughed and cried with these two characters, I felt every emotion they went through. And the ending was so beautiful, the idea with the letters was very unique. I’m pretty sure I would have died of cuteness if I were in Emily’s shoes. Collin was pretty amazing in this book and even if I didn’t exactly agree with his decisions sometimes, I still think he did the best he could. Emily was a strong female character and I liked the fact that I identified with her more than I did with Ava in the first book. Maybe it was her fashion sense or the way she saw life in general (or maybe her taste in boys *wink*), I don’t know, but she was awesome.

The only complaint I have related to this book is that it was too short for me and some moments felt a little bit rushed. For instance, I would have loved a longer epilogue, everything happened so fast and I had to say goodbye to the characters sooner than I had wanted. Obviously, this is not a drawback, maybe it’s just my weakness for romantic moments. I am more than excited for the third book, can’t believe this series is coming to an end. Hopefully Diana will write more contemporary novels in the future, I love her stories!

Needless to say, I would definitely recommend Love Me While I’m Gone (the whole series, actually) to everyone who likes a good contemporary novel, with a complex romantic story and great characters!




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